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This stone is around 18" high and stands at the side of Chapel Lane Ravenshead. It represents the approximate spot where John Slaney died on Tuesday January 24th 1893.

John Slaney liked nothing more than spending time in the Little John public house. He generally used his horse and cart to travel there from his home on Longdale Lane.

At the end of the evening John started off home, turned right into Chapel Lane and proceeded up the hill. Somewhere around the crest of the hill, and before descending towards where the Sherwood Ranger now stands, is where John fell from the cart and struck his head on the road. Unfortunately this proved to be a fatal accident.

Totally unaware of the incident the horse carried on and duly arrived home driverless. John’s wife drove back to look for him and she found him lying in the road. Helpers took him back to the Little John where he was found to be dead.

It is said that forensic evidence suggested that he was relieving himself from the cart when he pitched head first into the lane.